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I started this blog because I’m passionate about the brain and I want to share that passion with others, especially those of you who don’t have a background in neuroscience or biology. There are so many topics in neuroscience that I find super cool, and I’m convinced that if I could just explain them carefully then I could convince anyone in the world to feel the same way.

Most of the neuroscience blogs I’ve read seem to focus on cognitive science, psychology, or human health. Those are perfectly fine topics, but what drew me into the brain was learning about its fundamental mechanisms—I’m talking genes and molecules, cells and neural circuits—and how they explain the way we interact with the world. That’s what this blog will focus on.

Neuroscience articles in the media tend to cover these topics rather superficially. That’s understandable, since these are complex subjects and the authors don’t want to lose their readers. But I will make no such concessions—there’s a difference between describing something superficially and distilling a complex concept down to its essential core. I hope to do the latter.

I intend to write about specific topics in neuroscience as well as more general musings on the brain, science, and academia. Stay tuned!


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  1. I feel privileged to have been in the same 9th grade Bio Achievement class with you, where we first were exposed to the wonderful world of Drosophila. Congratulations on being a billion times smarter than me, and doing awesome things for the advancement of science!

  2. Aww thanks Jenny! Yeah those were some good times with Dr. Heinzel. (But I don’t accept your compliment of me being smarter than you!)

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