Weddings vs. Lab: A Brief Comparison

Hey guys! As you may have noticed, Brains Explained took a bit of a summer hiatus. But I plan to get back into the swing of things, starting now!

Today’s post may shed some light on where most of my summer went…


Top 5 Similarities Between Planning a Wedding and Working in a Lab

1. Many opportunities for free food


free food


2(a). Lots of Excel sheets and to do lists


excel files

Yeah, our wedding mostly involved mooching services off of our friends.


2(b). Regularly crossing things off your to do list doesn’t make it shorter


to do lists


3. Vendors over-charge for everything


Care to spend $188 for table salt, or $88 for a metal rod with some holes in it?

How about thousands of dollars for a veil or (fake) flowers?

overpriced items


4. Extensive data analysis


bear mountain weather

Actual table I made to help choose our wedding date. The columns kept multiplying as I couldn’t decide on the appropriate bin size for averaging data across days.


5. Become a constant disappointment to your parents


“That’s all you get for a postdoc salary?? This is why you should have become a REAL doctor.”

“What do you mean we can’t invite our 56 relatives from India to the wedding? They were so excited when we sent them copies of your invitation!”

“So you’re going to look for real jobs this year, right? No? Next year? The year after that…?”

“You’re not having flowers? How can you possibly get married without flowers!” [Conversation repeated weekly with words like “rings”, “priest”, “white dress”, “videography”, or “hair stylist” substituted for “flowers”.]



Terms that mean different things in a lab vs. a wedding:

lab vs wedding terms



What to wear to lab vs. a wedding:

what to wear


Ok guys, thanks for indulging this tongue-in-cheek post– back to real science next time!


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