Brain Bits, 2/27/16

Welcome to Brain Bits, where I highlight important or interesting recent news in the world of neuroscience. I know guys, I’ve been falling behind in writing full-length posts because I’ve been incredibly busy this semester, but I thought some Brain Bits would at least tide you over for now. In store for today: revolutionizing scientific publishing, how your different senses interact, a new method for studying human brain … Continue reading

Brain Bits, 3/7/15

Welcome to the second installment of Brain Bits, where I highlight important or interesting recent news in the world of neuroscience. This week: how to build a human brain, what female fruit flies do after sex, DIY brain stimulation, and celebrating crappy results.   A hallmark of the human brain is the dramatic enlargement of the neocortex, which is believed to mediate higher-level thought and cognition. Last week a new study in Science … Continue reading

Why Serial Is Like Science (Part 2): Truth, Lies, and Spin

In my previous post I discussed how the Serial podcast reminds me of doing science: starting with an initial straightforward question that rapidly becomes a murky mess, poring over ambiguous evidence that provides few clear answers, and so on (read the post here). Today I’m going to continue with this analogy and discuss what the search for truth in science really means. One of the … Continue reading