Fly Neurobiology Meeting, Redux

So I just got back from the fruit fly neurobiology meeting at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. It was a week filled with posters and talks, reunions and awkward introductions, wine and lobster, disco balls and a dance party reminiscent of your high school prom. After the last meeting two years ago I wrote all about what this quirky fly extravaganza is really like (posted here), … Continue reading

What Happens When You Put 500 Fly Neuroscientists in the Same Place for 5 Days

This week is SFN, the crazy annual neuroscience extravaganza attended by over 30,000 people. Last year I wrote about what it’s like to attend SFN, in all its awkward and nerdy glory. Alas, this year I’m not going, unlike almost everyone I know (goodbye husband, friends, and labmates; hello Netflix!). Instead of SFN, I just got back from the fruit fly neuroscience meeting at Cold … Continue reading

Weddings vs. Lab: A Brief Comparison

Hey guys! As you may have noticed, Brains Explained took a bit of a summer hiatus. But I plan to get back into the swing of things, starting now! Today’s post may shed some light on where most of my summer went…   Top 5 Similarities Between Planning a Wedding and Working in a Lab 1. Many opportunities for free food     2(a). Lots of Excel sheets and … Continue reading

SFN: The Good, the Bad, and the Nerdy

This past week was the big conference in the field of neuroscience, creatively named “Neuroscience” but referred to as “SFN” by the rest of us because it’s organized the by Society for Neuroscience. Over 30,000 neuroscientists attended this year’s event in Washington D.C. I bet the rest of you didn’t think there were even that many of us in the whole world! (At least that’s … Continue reading